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How will debating fit into a new world of negotiation?

No one can predict with certainty what will be required for the future however, there are ample signs that listening will be a necessary skill. We don't all have the same cultural background or base knowledge about the world. This isn't something you can tell by observation, you have to talk to people and listen and ask questions.

Rise & Shine Debating focuses on skill building rather than winning because it's the skills that will matter later in life. It is more encouraging to see how you can improve than to win for unknown reasons!

We will be working in teams with others to solve the huge challenges the world is facing. That is exciting - IF you can accept the different contributions people bring. It just takes a bit of practice to see that the quiet person might be the most knowledgeable ! Better find out what they think! They can come to like your chatty enthusiasm. Sameness might feel safer initially but difference creates energy and pizazz.

We need everyone to learn the skills of debate not just those with the talents to speak easily. Each of us will want to speak up for something at some point- something which matters to us. If we have the basic skills, we can do it when we need to. We know HOW to prepare.

Rise and Shine starts early with these things while things are flexible and the excitement and adventure is more important than your "image". Don't forget development is uneven. It is painful to be that young person who is great verbally and shuns reading and writing because it goes at a snail's pace- the brain is racing and the fingers can not keep up. Give them a little recognition for the skills they have and they don't mind tackling the other skills that take more time.

Term 4 might be a great time to prepare with some skills for Senior School. We will be having a relaxed term with informal or In-house debates which won't demand too much extra prep.

You can enrol at Mt Claremont Community Centre. St Mary's and other schools may also have a program next term.

Are you looking for new employment or partnering in a business? Rise & Shine Debating needs a team to do its vision proud. There is room to be creative. If you're knowing about WIX websites.....You can see there is room for how-to knowledge. Are you an organiser, planner? Love to see students develop and grow and enjoy the process? Please make a time during the upcoming school holidays for a coffee and a chat. Text me on 0403 266 374.

Lesli Grant


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