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In-school Debating

Teaching debating in your classroom is a fantastic way to teach your students invaluable skills in research, writing, and information presentation.

Debating can be used as a vehicle for in-depth learning on a wide variety of topics across multiple Australian Curriculum learning outcomes. 

Students participating in debating experience the challenge of developing persuasive arguments within a team context, researching and presenting information in new and exciting ways.


"Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today."

- Malcolm X

 A Year 5 Loreto Nedlands Primary School student in action!

Program Logistics

  • $60/per student per 9-week program.

  • Cost is based on a minimum of 18 and a maximum of 32 students per class.

  • Costs for classes of less than 18 students will be quoted on an individual basis. 

  • Discounts apply for schools with more than one class participating.

  • Sessions require 60 - 75 minutes.  

  • Session times are arranged to suit your school. 

Program Information

Rise & Shine's debating programs are designed to be inclusive of diverse student abilities and to be implemented within Australian classrooms.


A Rise & Shine Debating program includes:


  • 9-week program (8 sessions plus a debate event).

  • Rise & Shine debate coach who will deliver the program in the classroom.

  • Comprehensive Rise & Shine handbook for each student and all required materials. 

  • Report - documenting curriculum outcomes addressed within the program.

  • Optional activities for teachers to further develop skills between sessions. 

  • Entry into a Rise & Shine in-house or interschool debate event (see information on events here). 

  • Provision of professional adjudicators for debate events. 

  • Achievement level certificate for each student. 

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