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Debate Events

Debate events, whether in-house or interschool, offer students a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate their skills and develop confidence and mastery. 

It is such a thrill to pit their team's research, knowledge and persuasive arguments against opposing teams.

Students experience the energy and positive feedback of an appreciative live audience in a safe and nurturing environment and can take pride in their achievements.

There really is nothing like a live debate!

Kirsty MacDonald
Rise & Shine Adjudicator

Over the years that I've been adjudicating with Rise & Shine, I have witnessed so many students meet the challenge of public speaking with enthusiasm and confidence beyond their years. I have no doubt that the instruction in debating they are receiving from Lesli and her team is greatly enhancing the future prospects of these wonderful young people. 

 In this video, a Year 5 Loreto Nedlands student shows debating in action.

"Anything's possible if you've got enough nerve."



Interschool debates are organised between schools and community debating groups, running programs according to the Rise & Shine method.

Our interschool events are held annually toward the end of Terms 2, 3 and 4. Rise & Shine debating students have the opportunity to participate in an in-house debate in Term 1.


In-house Debates

In-house debate events run within a school with students debating against others either within the same class or across multiple classes within the same school. 

In-house debates are particularly suited to those students just starting out with debating, developing their confidence before taking on the challenge of interschool debating.  

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