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Feedspot rates us in the Top 30 Debate Blogs on the internet!

Thank you to Anuj Agarwal, Founder of Feedspot for recognising the inspired efforts of the late Saani Bennetts, who created our blog.

If your primary school is struggling to revive student engagement in Year 5 & 6 after all the closures and other challenges of the last couple of years, I would like to recommend our Debate Challenge. Encourage your Year 5 & 6 Teachers to work together and devote Term 3 or 4 to an exciting term where a Debating Challenge project inspires and motivates everyone. An end of term Debate Night allows parents to see their progress and enjoy the fun.

You can order a class set of Easy Steps to Debating Handbooks, one for each student. A free weekly program outline will be provided along with tips for setting it all up. There is nothing like a slightly scary prospect to engage the energy of this age group. With topics they care about, working informally in teams and winning Award Certificates for the level they reached, your students will be buzzing with energy and ready for anything.

Using debating as a motivator not the goal, you'll enjoy working with all the individuals you teach to help them bring out their best. The process is the fun, we're not trying to be high school debaters we're having our say and practising the steps. The class clown has an outlet, your quiet researchers come into their own. With a template, they can all find some arguments and have their say.

Rise and Shine Debating has all you will need, an easy to follow handbook and Award Certificates for your big night. See the shop for more details to be posted soon.


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