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Rise & Shine offers inter-school debate events for upper-primary students. Inter-school debates are an exciting challenge that allow students to compete against peers from other schools in a supportive and inclusive environment.

Students of all levels of experience, from beginners to advanced, are welcome to participate.

To learn more about entering an inter-school debate, click below. 



By utilising the services of our specially trained adjudicators, your students will benefit from the motivation that arises with external observation as well as insightful, practical and age-appropriate feedback. 

Our unique Rise & Shine adjudication system allows students to demonstrate their newfound skills in a warm and encouraging environment whilst maintaining the excitement of healthy competition and providing a stress-free experience for teachers.

Outside School Hours Programs

We offer a variety of fun and practical  before and after school debating programs, both at schools and within the community.


These enrichment programs are great for students who love a challenge and want to develop their leadership skills.

Programs are usually 8 x 1-hour sessions and culminate in an in-house debate between students in the same program, or participation in an inter-school debate. 


Professional Learning

& Consultancy

Rise & Shine’s Professional Learning workshops are designed to help teachers implement a successful debating program in their school or classroom.

The workshops are a highly practical guide on how to impart the benefits of debating to your students.

We also provide consultancy for teachers or coaches who want support in getting started or fine-tuning their debating programs. 




Rise & Shine offers a range of in-school programs taught by our experienced coaches. 

  • Persuasive Speaking - a great precursor to debating. 

  • Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced level debate programs.

  • Transitions - aimed at Year 6's and 7's preparing for and adjusting to the academic rigour of high school.

Programs can be tailored to meet the needs of the school and students. 



Our Masterclasses are one-off workshops that provide an ideal intensive opportunity for students to perfect their skills and present themselves as the excellent speakers, debaters and leaders they aspire to be. 

Masterclass workshops are taught by expert debate coaches and focus on high-level skills like the art of rebuttal.

​Masterclasses are crafted to deliver deep learning and practical results.

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