A New System of Debating: How We're Different

Rise & Shine is a new way to debate. We keep the traditional elements of teamwork, arguing a topic and trying to persuade others of your view, but we also use debating as a vehicle for students to gain skills that will serve them well in further education as well as their careers in today’s fast-paced and rapidly-changing world.

We take debating from being an elitist, often cut-throat activity to something that is inclusive, playful, challenging and experiential - working with each student to help them discover and hone their unique strengths and share their ideas with the world. Rise & Shine is about training the next generation of leaders, humanitarians, creators, thinkers, and people who are not afraid to stand up, speak out and let their talents shine!  

Inclusive Learning

Balancing Achievement

with Play

Age-appropriate Challenges

A New Take on Competing

Developing Mastery

Experiential Learning

Healthy Competition
Deeper learning through meaningful achievement

Rise & Shine takes a different approach to traditional debate scoring. Instead of a winning team and losing team, we award levels of accomplishment based on a set of criteria. In a Rise & Shine debate event, teams are awarded a Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum certificate depending on the skill level they have achieved.

For beginning debaters and young students, simply announcing a winning team does little to help the students grow and improve, whereas the Rise & Shine award they achieve tells them which skills they’ve mastered and which skills they need to work on to reach the next level.

Our Rise & Shine adjudication system encourages students to challenge themselves, adding to and honing their abilities while recognising and rewarding their improvements. 

“The key to holding a logical debate is to understand the

other person’s argument, no matter how divergent their

views may seem.” 

- Auliq Ice - 

My daughter has made it into the Year 7 Debating Team at Mercedes College. Thank you for your amazing expertise, experience, commitment, dedication, and passion!!!

Parent of a Year 6 Rise & Shine Debating student