Our mission is to nurture young people who will use their unique brilliance to make the world a better place.

We help students become big thinkers, communicators, leaders and innovators.

Big Thinkers

...who are curious, creative, critical thinkers and knowledge seekers.


...who are caring, respectful and have great people skills.


...who explore new

concepts, generate

bright ideas and

creative solutions.


...who speak up

courageously, share

their talents and

make a difference.

Our Values

Lifelong Learning: We are committed to ongoing learning and we value the process of learning as much as the outcomes.


Empathy: We strive to be caring and compassionate people who communicate and connect well with others.


Diversity: We celebrate the unique strengths, talents and brilliance of every individual.


Contribution: We strive to make a difference and help make the world a better place.


Innovation: We are creative, forward-thinking people who seek to solve problems and explore new ideas.

"My father used to say, 'don't raise your voice,
improve your argument'."


Meet Lesli

Coming soon! Find out about how Rise & Shine started and read about Lesli's exciting journey into the world of debating and building a remarkable organisation. Stay tuned for a tale of adventure and making a difference...

Meet The Team

Saani Bennetts
Coach, Adjudicator
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Becca Martin

Coach, Adjudicator

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Helene Fisher


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Sonia Kaleb


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Kirsty MacDonald


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Elizabeth Po


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Edward Taylor


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