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Rise & Shine Masterclasses are ideal for students who are keen to take their debating skills to the next level. 

Skills taught in Masterclasses are highly transferable to others areas of school and life and as such, Masterclasses are open to any students, not just those participating in Rise & Shine programs. 

Workshops are hands-on and allow students to practice skills they wouldn't normally have the opportunity to explore in-depth. 

"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest."

Microphone Magic

Microphone technique is an essential part of effective public speaking, yet very seldom taught. So often people are left learning by trial and error and picking up bad habits along the way. 

This hands-on, fun and practical workshop will get kids thinking about the ways in which amplification can work for them. Making friends with your microphone at the outset gives students a unique and highly valuable skill set they can use in a myriad of ways throughout their lives. 

In this workshop, students will learn:

  • how different types of microphones work

  • which microphone for which purpose

  • breath control

  • how to minimise plosive popping

  • how to hold your microphone

  • stage presence 

  • voice modulation for adding expression and interest


The Art of Persuasion

Ever wondered how lawyers construct winning closing arguments? How politicians go about convincing the public that their policies are good for the country? How salespeople induce a fervent desire for the latest product?

The techniques of persuasive speaking are in use all around us and while we feel the effects upon us, how do we recognise them in action and how do we begin to use them ourselves? This exciting workshop will demystify the art of persuasion and put these tools directly in the hands of students.

In this workshop, students will learn:

  • how to keep your message simple and memorable

  • to use surprise to get your audience thinking

  • using facts and figures to convince your audience 

  • trading on credibility - your own and other people's 

  • emotional connection - the power of pathos 

  • using powerful stories to connect with your audience


Cool, Calm & Collected

You've been working on your speech for weeks. Your topic is as researched as you can make it. You've practiced in front of the mirror and now it's time to step out there and give it all you've got, but then your knees start to shake and you get those familiar butterflies in your stomach. 

If you've ever wondered how public speakers seem to stand up in front of an audience as if they were greeting old friends, longed to know what secrets they use to make public speaking look as easy as riding a bike, then this workshop is for you.

This workshop will help you conquer your nerves and make peace with public speaking. Students will learn:

  • the physiology of nerves 

  • how to stay grounded when you feel afraid

  • how to own the room 

  • techniques for starting strong

  • being at home with your audience


Rebuttal Mastery

Effective rebuttal is one of the most difficult and demanding skills in a debater's toolkit. The success of your debate can hinge on your ability to successfully refute the argument of your opposition.

Successful rebuttal is a combination of preparation, research, powerful listening skills and quick thinking - all techniques and skills that can be honed through fun, active and practical exercises.

In this workshop, students will learn:

  • what makes rebuttal convincing? 

  • how to identify the weak points of an argument 

  • how to spot and refute the most common logical fallacies 

  • how to get to the heart of the argument 

  • how to plan and pre-write rebuttal 

  • how to using the summary to give your rebuttal strength and structure

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