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Youth Talk Radio

Rise & Shine has been offered the wonderful opportunity to work with Youth Talk Radio to have the voices of our debaters heard more widely in the community. 

In 2021, our students will have the option to participate in a variety of opportunities for group discussions or debates that will be aired on Youth Talk Radio. 

Students who participate will need parent permission. Students will only be identified by first name - no other identifying details will be given. All content for Youth Talk Radio will be pre-recorded and edited by a Rise & Shine team member prior to being aired. 

This will ensure that content provided to Youth Talk Radio is something that students and parents can be proud of and that we showcase the talents of our wonderful young debaters. 



"Our vision is that Perth youth will have a radio station that inspires them through media that is positive and engaging.
Our mission is to connect with young people and provide them with a voice so they feel heard."


Youth Talk Radio

Youth Talk Radio is a listener-supported Christian Contemporary radio station specialising in media that is positive, engaging, informative, entertaining and inspiring. 

All content aired on the station is free from sexual/drug references and does not contain any explicit language. Youth Talk Radio airs music from the 80s to now to get you dancing, as well as music that allows you to reflect and think.

Youth Talk Radio currently reaches around 22,000 listeners in WA. You can hear Youth Talk Radio via their website, as well as other streaming services such as Apple Car Radio, TuneIn App and Online Radio Box. 

Youth Talk Radio Permission Form

Please complete the form below to give permission for your child to participate in a Youth Talk Radio
discussion, debate or speech as described above.  

Youth Talk Radio Permission Form