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01/01/2023 Save The Date

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Lesli Grant

Lesli Grant is inspired to share the insights and how-to details of a unique system to use debating as a challenge to empower Junior School students with confidence, teamwork skills and the ability to find out what they need to know.


This is a missing link which can assist all primary school students in preparation for senior school.


In 2023 she will be offering workshops to share 14 years of experience with teachers, coaches, and school administrators.  She is launching a Teacher's Handbook and resources to fully support the process into classrooms, schools and to set up an Inter-school debating network.  She will be available for individual consultation to assist schools as well.


Have a look at the resources that are available now in the shop.  We'll let you know the dates when the Teacher's Handbook is available for sale.  You can lodge an enquiry to make sure you are notified first.    


Happy Holiday and I look forward to sharing more with you in 2023.

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